Tuesday, July 28, 2009

iTunes Single Of The Week: I Knew Your Name by Matt Walters

I Knew Your Name by Matt Walters is a sweet melodic song, from the Echo On EP, that is perfect to listen on a quiet afternoon. The song’s slow pace and soft sounds are gentle enough to be listened to and enjoyed on it’s own merit, or as the backdrop to a peaceful day off. Matt’s voice is wonderful and a joy to listen to. His accent when singing keeps him from being lost in the crowd, and matches the spirit of the music and lyrics perfectly.

I fell in love with this song from the moment I listened to the first few seconds of the sample whilst waiting for it to download from iTunes, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

Matt Walter’s I Knew Your Name is the Single Of The Week on iTunes and available to download for free, but if you happen to stumble upon this review after the week is over, I highly recommend you pay for this beautiful song.

Click here to listen to and/or download music by Matt Walters from iTunes.

Happy Listening :)
~ Rogue