Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy, in the build up to being released later this year, has been utilising some interesting promotional techniques. The website Flynn Lives has been around for a while, giving fans an update to what's happened in the years between Tron and now. Flynn's Arcade was opened up to allow fans the chance to mingle, and many news articles appeared on the website regarding the missing hero. Then came the countdown. A clock of flashing bits counting down, to the unknown, in binary on the Zero Hour section of the website. When the countdown ended, a new promotional twist started!

Field Operatives were required, in twenty-seven locations around the world, to meet with contacts in Flynn Lives tops and collect codes. Fans taking place were given a phone from the first contact, to call and speak with a second contact, who directed them to the drop location. Along with the codes these packages included Tron wallets holding three original Tron design cards, two arcade tokens, and paper flyers for Flynn Lives and Encom.

With the collected codes entered by fans around the world, a new site opened up called Pit Cell. In less than 24 hours a simultaneous release of tickets to exclusive events in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, and Sydney will occur, which will allow lucky ticket holders the chance to go screenings at IMAX in their location. With another ten months until the release of the film, my guess is that this will involve something along the lines of a ten minute footage reveal.

Tron Legacy is out in December 2010 and, while the end of the year is still a long time away from now, with promotional work like this the excitement will just keep building... although I personally think the excitement would have been huge even without all of these fun fan events :)

So am I excited?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! ;)
~ Rogue

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Action Comics #1 sells for one million dollars!

In the midst of a recession, the chance to own a piece of comic history has seen a record US$1,000,000 paid for a copy of Action Comics #1. Within the pages, of a title non-comic lovers may not recognise, the first story of Superman comes to life. That 1938 story changed comics forever by creating the Superhero genre.

The 8.0 graded copy that sold this week was from a private collection and, as it has been purchased for another private collection, the New York City showroom of at 873 Broadway, Suite 201 (212-895-3999) will allow media outlets to view the book briefly before it heads to its new home.

The former owner of the one million dollar comic has made a very nice profit after investing in the original purchase fifteen years ago for a mere $150,000. The previous record for a comic was for a 6.0 graded copy of Action Comics #1 for $317,200 in 2009.

There are approximately 100 copies of Action Comics #1 still in existence, and the one that sold for one million dollars is the second highest graded Action Comics #1 to have been graded. There is a copy that has been graded at 8.5 out in a collection somewhere, and now it will be very interesting to see what it goes for should it ever reach auction.

All eyes are now looking to see if the record could be short-lived as Heritage Collectibles, another auction house, currently has an 8.0 graded copy of Detective Comics #27 available. Detective Comics #27 features the first appearance of Batman. The issue currently on offer is one of two copies graded an unrestored 8.0, with no other Detective #27 on record having received a higher grade from the CGC. To date, Detective Comics #27 tends to sell at approximately 25% less than an equal graded Action Comics #1, but everyone is waiting to see what will happen in the wake of this new record.

Oh how I wish I was rich...
~ Rogue

Monday, February 22, 2010

Doctor Who 2010 season promotional footage.

The BBC have released a new Doctor Who promotional piece to get fans ready for the new season starting this Easter. The footage was apparently created to be viewed in 3D but I have yet to see a lot of difference using a couple of types of 3D glasses to test the claims.

I'm dying for Doctor Who to be back on screen, and I love Steven Moffat's writing (The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead & Time Crash), so why am I so worried about the new season?

It's probably just because I'm always worried about the new Doctor after a regeneration, and I hope that it will be the same as the nerves I felt before the last regeneration... totally unwarranted!

Seriously, I should know better than to get attached to any actor that plays the Doctor when regeneration is a part of the character and storyline!

I don't recall if I worried so much about these things when I was a kid.

Maybe that's the key to enjoying things when these sorts of changes happen and I don't want to say goodbye to the actors I adore... I should be more child-like (wow - I'm sure I just heard a heap of people scream out in horror at that statement!) and just look this as a massive adventure to grab hold of with both hands and enjoy... kind of like how to enjoy life in the Tardis with the Doctor :)

Hopefully I'll warm to the new Doctor and compainion quickly :)

I'm very happy to see a dalek in the promo <3

Less than six weeks and counting...
~ Rogue

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths is the latest animated film from DC, and it is fantastic!

The movie sees The Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and The Flash) called upon for help by Lex Luther from a parallel Earth. Lex needs the help of The Justice League to battle against The Crime Syndicate of his world. Unfortunately is his world, evil versions of The Justice League fill the ranks of The Crime Syndicate.

This movie is one of the best paced films I've seen in a very long time. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and wince inducing fight scenes, and both were blended well into a great story. Saying that I highly recommend this movie is underselling just how good it is!

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths is due for US release on February 23rd, in single, two-disc, and Blu-ray versions, and is most definitely worth the money!

Check out the trailer:

~ Rogue

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Forums

We've decided to move to new forums and since we know moving is something most people would rather avoid doing at any point in their lives, we thought we'd sweeten the whole deal with a few goodies :)

Head into the new forums, sign up, and start posting!

Every new member that joins the forums, and posts, will be in the running to win one of ten prize packs containing various geeky goodies including DVDs and toys. One of the prize packs even includes a portable DVD player!

So head to the forums now, read the competition details in the Administriva section, and share your chaotic geekiness with fellow proud geeks :)

~ Rogue