Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tron Legacy 3D trailer transcription

Although we already reviewed and discussed the trailer pretty much scene by scene on the podcast, since the 3D trailer isn't out yet, and it was a limited fan screening, I thought I would post the audio transcription here for anyone interested.

The trailer starts off in the real world with Alan Bradley talking to Kevin Flynn's son, Sam...

Alan: “I promised you that if I ever got any information about your dad, that I’d tell you first, right? I was paged last night; it came from your dad’s office at the arcade.”

Sam: “So?”

Alan: “So?! That number’s been disconnected for twenty years! Two nights before he disappeared he came to my house. He said he was about to change everything... science, medicine, religion. He wouldn’t have left that Sam; He wouldn’t have left you.”

Sam: “You know, you’re acting like I’m going to find him sitting there working... ‘Hey kiddo... lost track of time.’”

Alan: “Wouldn’t that be something.”

After this the trailer shows Sam heading to Flynn's Arcade (see image at the top of this post). We see a little more real world footage before we hit the digital world with the sight of a recognizer (OMGWTFBBQPOLARBEAR!!! It's AWESOMESAURUS in 3D). We get a bunch of footage of the digital world and before the trailer ends we get some more dialogue but no footage to go with it...

Sam: “Dad?”

Flynn: “Sam?”

“Long time.”

“You have no idea.”

I think I'm going to explode from excitement before Tron Legacy is released in December!!!!
~ Rogue

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