Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman's makeover

Artist and Co-Publisher at DC Comics Jim Lee has revealed sketches of Wonder Woman’s new costume, scheduled to appear in Wonder Woman #600, on shelves at your FLCBS today. Sit down, this may come as a shock; She’s wearing PANTS!

Incoming writer J. Michael Straczynski detailed the new direction in the Amazon Princess’s book to DC’s The Source blog;
  • The Gods have been playing around with history.
  • When Diana was three years old, Themyscira was attacked and Hippolyta was forced to send Diana and a small group of guardians to the outside world to protect the princess.
  • Diana has been raised in an urban setting, with a foot in both worlds.
  • The Dark Figure who attacked Themyscira is now hunting down the few remaining refugee Amazons.
Straczynski explained that the Wonder Woman title has been losing between 500 – 1000 readers per month since May 2009, and that over the last two years it has lost a third of it’s readership. Other than a few shakeups such as the 60’s 'Mod' era, Wonder Woman has not undergone any major changes since her creation in 1941. Something needed to change.

The new story arc will ask questions such as, if somebody changed your history to the point where you had no memory of it, would you want to change it back and if so, what would you do to change it?

Diana’s new look is designed to be taken seriously as a warrior. It answers questions such as “Where does she keep anything in that costume?” (New costume: Leather Jacket with pockets), and “How does she fight in that thing without all of her parts falling out?” (Pants!). While the storyline will be all about Diana restoring her timeline, Straczynski has stated that if something is popular with the fans (by which one can assume he means the new costume) , they’d be crazy to ditch it.

Wonder Woman #600 hits the shelves today.

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