Monday, August 30, 2010

Doctor Who split in two!

The news has been all over the twitterverse and blogosphere - Doctor Who is getting cut in half!
Both Steven Moffat and the BBC have announced that the next 13-episode series of Doctor Who, scheduled to go to air in 2011, will now be a seven episode series ending on a major cliff-hanger, followed a few months later by a six episode series.
I'm excited by confirmation that we'll be getting a major storyline in the middle of the year, but the wait is going to kill me. I'm more than a little worried that either of these short series could turn into a 2009-style "mini-series". Don't get me wrong, I liked the 2009 run, but the storyline was nothing, compared to the arcs we've been getting when we get full seasons (Tell me you're not dying to find out more about River Song, or the Power Ranger Daleks?)

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