Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tron Night - 2010-10-28

A group of Chaotic Geek critters ventured forth to see the awesome that was TRON NIGHT at an IMAX screening in Melbourne, Australia. We rambled on about all sorts of geekery and were the noisy kids in the cinema... until the Disney representative approached the podium. All hail the Disney rep, for she shall grant us the screening of WIN we crave :D

We listened as she spoke and applauded her at the end, then fell silent as the events began. What followed was gorgeous to view and stunning to hear! If you'd like the spoiler filled version of events you can read more on the forum, here :)

Afterwards ten of us talked like naturally hyper bunnies on a sugar-induced high, and we all agreed that December cannot come quickly enough for any of us!

Tron: Legacy is going to rock!!!

Now I'm just waiting to see how many Quorra's we see at Halloween ;)
~ Rogue

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