Thursday, September 15, 2011

Green Lantern #1

Geoff Johns/Doug Mahnke/Christian Alamy/David Baron/SalCipriano/Brian Cunningham

Yay! Nothing’s changed!

Green Lantern looks to have come through Flashpoint completely unscathed. Continuity is exactly where we left it last month. Sinestro’s a Green Lantern, and Hal has been fired. We see Hal trying to pick up his life (not so successfully), and Sinestro being forced to be what he’s hated for so long (and plotting his way out of it). Another final page plot twist will bring us back for issue two.

Art wasn’t bad. Not brilliant, not bad. Writing was pretty good. Hal’s a doofus, and is being forced to realise how long he’s been relying on his ring to get him out of trouble (Rent? Car payments?). Sinestro is devious, and Carol seems to be the smartest of them all. Another satisfying instalment of Green Lantern. Did somebody say something about a reboot?

Would I buy it again? Yeah. I’m a GL fanboy. I’ve been reading it for years now (Since before the War of the Lanterns). This was definitely good enough to bring me back for my regular helping.


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