Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Outland premiere & give away!

The awesome that is Outland starts Wednesday, 9:30pm, February 8th, on ABC1.

We've been looking forward to Outland for a long time and, after seeing the first two episodes, we've been even more super excited about it's general release.

In celebration of the premiere of Outland we have 5 copies of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers on DVD to give away.

To enter, watch Outland & let us know what you love about the show either here or in the forum.

Until then, enjoy the series trailer:

Bring on the geekery! :D

~ Rogue

1 comment:

  1. I liked it. The characters' sexuality becomes secondary to the tension of coming out as a geek. My main interest is quite real - how do people 'do' being a fan? Though sci-fi has become more mainstream, fandom still lives up to it's cliche.
    Very well written, obviously comes from a 'real' place. Strong ensemble cast and will be interesting to see each character flesh out. And just like modern sci fi - a great hook in the next time trailer. I wonder if there'll be a 'kitchen sink' finale.

    PS - though not seen on screen.....most hardcore Whovians know that Daleks could fly as early as the 60s (see Tv21 and Radio Times etc).....normally I'd keep that to myself but Adam Richard is drawing me out of the TARDIS.