Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black Mirror

I've just finished watching the first season of  Black Mirror.

Released in December 2011, in the UK, Black Mirror is a phenomenal series that makes you take a hard look at life, and ask yourself what you'd do in different situations. The series is incredibly dark, and unbelievably good!

Season one is only three episodes long, but each episode is so monumental, and draws you in so completely, that you feel like each is actually movie length. Each episode is also a stand alone story, allowing you to watch them in any order, at any pace. I watched all three in one evening, but I did muck up the order (2, 3, then 1) without issue.

I highly recommend this dark reflection of how technology is, and can be, used in our day to day lives.

The first series of Black Mirror can be purchase on DVD with R2 encoding.  The second series of Black Mirror is currently (February 2013) airing in the UK. DVD release dates for season two have not yet been released.

~ Rogue