Monday, March 11, 2013

Marvel #1

Love comics? Can't afford to try the first issues of all the ones you'd love to? Well, Marvel have you covered! For March 11 and 12 (US dates), Marvel have over 700 (in fact it's 725 if I counted correctly) first issues available for free! Head on over to Marvel, comixology, or rev up their comic apps on your tablet, and download some comics! There are both new and old issues to enjoy.

Want to check out the Marvel NOW titles? They're there! Want to read up on some more cosmic stuff after reading the new Nova and Guardians Of The Galaxy books? Grab some of there back issues, and a ton of Annihilation! Curious about Thanos since seeing Avengers? There's a ton of issues featuring him available!

Of course, the ever popular Deadpool has his own section of books, as does Wolverine. The Avengers are well showcased, as a team and individually, and the Young Avengers are in there too :) Thor's section features Loki, Sif, Valkyrie, and the Warriors Three (and the Warrior's Four, lol, yay, Power Pack!) in their own books, and Cap's section has some Falcon, Nomad, and Winter Soldier issues too. The X-Men are well covered in the giveaway as well, with their own section featuring 118 issues dedicated to them, and their various individual members.

If 616 Mainstream Marvel isn't your thing, you can grab some 1610 Ultimate Marvel Universe titles, or even some 199999 Marvel Cinematic Universe issues. The Ultimate Universe titles are an attempt to tell tales in a setting unburdened by the expansive history of the Mainstream Universe, while the Cinematic Universe books expand and complement the Marvel Movies we all enjoy :)

As expected, the sites are experiencing a huge demand for the free first issues, so be patient (I'm using my tablet to download issues due to website timeouts), but most importantly, enjoy your new adventures!

~ Rogue

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